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Corporate Governance

We know that good business is more than just successful products, solid financial performance, and operational efficiency. Good business begins with a commitment to high ethical standards.

Our Commitment

At Thryv®, we adhere to clearly defined guidelines for lawful and ethical conduct. Our values include honesty, accountability, integrity, progressiveness and community. We believe that there is no conflict between appropriate actions that promote financial performance and following our high standards of governance and compliance. In all cases, the two support each other.

Following the letter and spirit of our Code of Conduct is a core responsibility for all Thryv® employees, regardless of their position within the company. Full compliance with our Code of Conduct takes priority in all business-related activities regardless of the nature of the activities or where or when they may occur.

Executive Team

Learn about the Thryv® Management Team. By doing what is right and operating with integrity, we build credibility and trust with our employees, clients, stockholders and the community.

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